The GAME Coin economy

The Geek Coin economy - supply and demand

The GAME Coin (GAME) is an ERC20-compliant cryptographic token that can be traded on the Ethereum blockchain just like Ether. It is both a Gamestarter platform currency and an independent store of value for players and investors alike.

Fluctuation free NFT pricing

To tackle the GAME Coin value fluctuations, game developers will configure the sales prices of their NFTs in USD. Gamestarter will pull the latest USD value of GAME Coin from its internal coin exchange and provide the USD to GAME Coin conversion rate to smart contracts, in real-time. In this way, USD prices set by content providers can be converted in GAME Coin automatically at purchase time

In other words, an NFT that costs $50 will always cost $50; however, the number of GAME Coins required to complete the transaction on the blockchain will fluctuate according to the latest GAME Coin market price.

Handling traditional payment methods

While Gamestarter’s platform and the Maarketplace will offer both GAME Coin and classic payment options, all transactions will ultimately be executed using GAME Coins.

Payments via traditional methods like a credit card, PayPal, etc. are automatically and transparently converted to GAME Coins (by purchasing them from coin holders) which are then used to complete the transaction.

Player earnings

One of Gamestarter’s core user experience philosophies is to provide players diverse ways to easily and instantly earn GAME Coins.

Opportunities to earn GAME Coins include:

→ Referral of players → Participate in betas → Watch advertisements → Trade digital goods → Participate in our rewards program → Report bugs → Write reviews → Share content on social networks → Compete in contests

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